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Ask Pete, your helpful assistant and specialist mechanic, is the perfect companion to assist you with any issues you may be facing with your van or car.

If you’re experiencing an issue with your vehicle, don’t hesitate to ask me questions like: Why is my engine making a strange noise? Or What could be causing my van to overheat?  So, if you have any questions or concerns about your van or car, feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to assist you with accurate and helpful information.

ASK PETE THE virtual mechanic assistant

Discover the ultimate virtual mechanic assistant, Pete, who is here to revolutionise the way you tackle vehicle issues. With Pete’s expert knowledge and guidance, you can troubleshoot and resolve problems with your van or car like a pro.

From diagnosing engine noises to handling tire repairs, Pete offers step-by-step instructions and preventive maintenance tips to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Say goodbye to automotive woes and embrace the convenience of having a specialist mechanic at your fingertips. Start a conversation with Pete today and experience the power of virtual expertise for all your automotive needs.

Sell Your Van In Three Easy Steps

Hassle-Free Selling Process


Get a quote

The first step is to get a quote for your van. You can do this by filling out our online form or by giving us a call. We will ask you for some basic information about your van, such as its make, model, age, and condition. Based on this information, we will give you a quote for how much we are willing to pay for your van.

Schedule a pickup

If you accept our offer, the next step is to schedule a pickup for your van. We will arrange a convenient time and location to pick up your van. Our team will come to you and inspect the van to ensure that it matches the information you provided. If everything checks out, we will pay you on the spot.

Get paid

We Buy Many Vans pays on the spot, so you can expect to receive your payment the same day as we collect your van. We pay via bank transfer, so you can have the peace of mind that your payment will be secure and hassle-free.

Ask Pete @ WBMV

Remember, while I can provide general guidance and information, it’s always recommended to consult a professional mechanic for a thorough diagnosis and repair of any significant issues. Safety should be your top priority when working with vehicles.

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